Gaston Cavalleri

Novelist, travel writer and screenwriter


2 thoughts on “Misc

  1. hello, gaston!

    i just read of the heroic measure you took in central park, and on behalf of all new yorkers, i’d just like to say, “thank you!” and welcome to new york!

    does your first book contain the story behind your study of jiu jitsu, or is that in the next book? you have just about convinced me that everyone should study some kind of martial arts–not just for defense of self and others, but for well-being.

    if you’re staying here for any amount of time, i sincerely hope you enjoy it! it seems you’ve already had a positive effect on us. i offer my help to you, should you need it, in thanks for protecting others here to enjoy our crazy but wonderful home!


    1. Hi!

      Thanks for your words and offer. I am enjoying New York too, bye the way.

      They book is my story and it does outline everything I get up to. I was living in Brazil and other parts of South America for around 40 months while writing the story. Jiu-jitsu was something that kept me occupied during my time in the South and it was also a great way to get free Portuguese and Spanish lessons. My coaches generally didn’t speak English while training.

      The focus of the story was not jiu-jitsu. Although, it does give some funny stories of me getting into little situations. Enjoy.

      Thanks again!

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