The film and the mind being as two assemblages with potential for becoming one – and forming a rhizome. The pair, always destined to be assemblages, or an assemblage, whether it be with many assemblages, alone, or with just one, have special determinates that govern its links to becoming rhizome. Lines of flight are projected by films to viewers’ minds to form ideas that project lines that cause an affection, a mental image. An affection image exists in the mind as a junction of rejection or acceptance, deciding if a film is to become rhizome. Multiple humans can receive emotional reactions, if permitted to become affection images from a film.

A homophobic male walks into a gay bar to find he’s feeling a sense of uneasiness. The sight of the holding of hands between men creates the mental images that trigger his fears of becoming feminine. A man becoming a woman: the manliest of man’s fears! Most homophobic, heterosexual males tend to not enter gay bars, possibly fearing formation of rhizomes with another assemblage, or with multiple. It’s not just the fear that causes resistance to the amalgamation. It’s a passion to be attracted, such as love, one love for another love, or the resistance of that love to be formed and sending the relationship crashing in to space. The same resistance and acceptance applies to hate and happiness. Each interaction between the emotions of one enters the affection image, a mental image, for judgement, a kind of lowering of the boxer’s guard to become victorious in a bout, or to be punched in the nose to become loser.

The lines of flight projected by a film to be accepted by a viewer or rejected are the lines affecting becoming rhizome, each partially dependent on a mind’s history and ability to make judgement when images are traced in the mind to combine with other assemblages

I’m getting ready to do my PhD. This will involve researching social psychology, philosophy and things that cause two emotional spheres to combine or reject one another. The film is a useful tool as a human either combines with a film or rejects it.

The rhizome is a continuous net that never ends, it has an undefinable beginning and the same with an end. An example is a life, or a tree that splays into roots, that go into the ground, that become the soil, that become the earth, that become a planet within space and this goes on and on as with my cells, that become organelles that become organs, then the entire organism that is my body. This could stop there, unless love is found, then two organisms combine to form a couple that goes on to from a foetus, a child and so on. But what connects rhizomes, or spheres, or energies? That’s the thing. Why does a tree grow in one soil, but not another?

Follow my PhD studies if you enjoy screenwriting and philosophy, or if you just want to see more of my paintings! I suppose painting yourself in a nude portrait and publishing your PhD are similar. Once you take your clothes off, once cards are all on the table, observers will probably say, “Ok, I guess he’s got a big PhD.”

Gaston Cavalleri is an Australian screenwriter, author and travel writer.