I will be creating a comic / storyboard that I’ve called Sidecar Bruce. This story will be added to my blog as the days and weeks pass by. The story is the product of a screenplay that I wrote and has not yet been produced.

The synopsis for Sidecar Bruce

Sidecar Bruce is a short screenplay about souls influencing the decisions of living characters. A dead man’s monologue opens the short screenplay with “You’ve only ever got two options, you see … you listen to your head, or you cut the crap, and listen to your gut.” The dead man is an unsettled soul, in the script, who has the goal to stimulate ‘gut feelings’ of a character named Ryan – a naïve traveller and photographer – who has a tangled encounter with an older traveller named Bruce – a rural Australian psychopath who tours the land on a motorbike and sidecar. The pair meet on a rural adventure as they agreed that a photographer and sidecar are a convenient blend.

In life we often say, “there’s something not right about that man,” or “I don’t feel good about that person,” even though we know nothing about the person; you just feel that something isn’t “right”. Sidecar Bruce is a screenplay that’s  driven by these exact “gut feelings”.

Enjoy the beginning of the story by clicking here.

I’d suggest following my blog or Facebook page to be included in this creative adventure. I’ll be drawing and posting the comic in separate scenes and I’d be super interested in story feedback along the way. So feel free to get onboard.