My latest book will be a travel writing / travel literature / creative nonfiction piece. I’ve been working on the manuscript for the last year, though it’s difficult to put the time on the project as I was required to live in South America for six years then publish two other books before before I considered myself able to write a quality piece of travel writing that would hold an audience for an entire book.


I have the name of the book in my head. It’s about a journey I would do throughout my travels to follow the sun, stick to countries that were cheaper than my own—Australia—and learn Spanish, though I ended up learning Portuguese as well.


It was difficult to return to my country after all of my time living outside of it. I left at the age of twenty-eight to return six years later, which isn’t a smooth task and is probably another book waiting to be cooked.


The book I will publish in the coming months (I don’t want to put a time on it, as I never make times due to being a one-man band and not wanting to publish something that it not the closest to perfect that I can get it) is travel literature. I’ve basically put together creative nonfiction to allow it to read as an enjoyable read as fiction writing would, though keeping it as nonfiction and attempting to share the highs and lows of my South American journey in a hope that those who wish to go there will learn from my mistakes and benefit from the things that took me time to learn.


Stay tuned and I’ll get this piece of travel writing to you as soon as my fingers permit.


Gaston Cavalleri.

Australian travel writer, author and screenwriter.

Big thanks to Caviar Literature for the support!