Does your manuscript deserve a book to film adaptation? I’ll let you know if you send it my way.

Caviar Literature

A book to film adaptation might seem like a daunting process for those who’ve just completed writing their manuscript. But, you’ve got the story, you’ve put it into the mind of the reader, now why not put it on the screen?

This easier said than done, but a recipe for the film – the screenplay – is an important stepping stone in film production and without a screenwriter the film will never become a reality. Since your story is written, it could be an idea to have a screenwriter go over your book to establish the qualities it might have to be a film?

Most feature films have a script length of 90 to 120 pages and if it’s the first film you’ve written it might be an idea to keep the screenplay’s length at the lower end of this range.

As with books, screenplays have characters and scenes; characters…

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