My book is free for today and tomorrow. I’ve been writing for about seven years now and for some reason I cannot stop. In almost insanity to continue but there’s a feeling inside me that’s forces me to sit in front of the computer and put things down on screen and paper. After I’d been writing for about a year I questioned myself.

What the hell makes you think you can write all of a sudden? I shrugged. My conscience went on, you studied a Bachelor of Science (exercise science) for crying out loud!

“I’ll do a writing course,” I replied, feeling schizophrenic.

Then I graduated with a Master of Arts (Writing and Literature).

I can’t stop writing and I’m happy to give me book away to people.

Here is the link to a free eBook that I wrote. It’ll be free for today and tomorrow:

The link is for US readers, though the book is available free today in all countries. Just be sure to go to the amazon site that applies to your country to ensure it’s provided to you for zero dollars.Crystal Caviar

Note: Crystal Caviar is not the free book for today. This is a creative piece by Gaston Cavalleri.

Gaston Cavalleri is an Australian author, screenwriter and jiu-jitsu fighter.