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Travel Writing / Travel Literature Help


Basically, I’m offering to help people move their travel writing in the right direction. There’s a lot of travel writing out there that’s just not up to speed. A lot of people aren’t even sure what real “travel writing” even is. I want to help people discover how to tell a story in an interesting narrative form – this can be better than your average picture at times.

Many people travel, even if it’s only down to the milk bar to grab a loaf of bread. Things happen during those short walks, or during longer trips to other countries – if you’re lucky enough to venture this far. There’s usually an interested reader for any form of travel even if it’s within your own state with your children or if you’re one of those children, too.

I want to help people recognize the essential elements of travel writing and to not provide convenient, positive, promotional writing which is usually provided to benefit tourism. Everybody’s got a story and usually the rockiest of stories are very interesting. I’m not going to stop at any point and say give me some money either, I think this point is important to note, I’m just a writer with a bit of time on his hands who wants to help out at this point.

I’m encouraging people to put together 500 words of “travel writing” so I can give them feedback – like an editorial review of their work, if you like. I’ll be happy to do it with a number of people, as my time permits, with continued feedback until a piece of writing progresses to something which is cool to read.

In order to get you on the right track checkout a recent post – “Travel Writing: the essential elements” – I’ve just included on my blog. If you’ve already done this, along with had a look at other readings, then please feel free to send me 500 words of your own work to the “Contact Gaston Cavalleri” so we can try to get the ball rolling with your travel writing.

I look forward hearing from you. Please don’t be shy with your story either. Nobody is perfect without help.


Gaston Cavalleri

Gaston Cavalleri is an Australian travel writer, novelist, screenwriter, and jiu-jitsu fighter. To support his travel writing & literature give a “like” to the Facebook page.